Porcelain Tiles

Classified as a high-end tile line in the market, the Porcelain product owns many outstanding features such as high bearing capacity, waterproof, anti-slip ... Your project will apparently become modern, luxurious, classy and sustainable accompanying by tiles’ sharp, vivid and delicate patterns.

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Ceramic Tiles

In the Ceramic Tiles collections, not only the high aesthetic and unique patterns are focused, but also the diversity in color and size. The prolific and authentic textures create an attraction from a vividly subtle depth, perfectly fit in various design spaces, and bring out limitless creativity and unique homeowner's personality.

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One such innovative flooring solution that has gained significant popularity in recent years is SPC flooring (Stone Plastic Composite). It represents a remarkable advancement in the realm of synthetic flooring materials. Its unique composition and exceptional features such as: High Durability, Water Resistance, Stability, Easy Installation, Low Maintenance and Versatility that have made it a preferred choice for both homeowners and professionals in the design and construction industry.

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